The Right is a patriotic not nationalist party

To be patriotic means to love the reunified homeland Romania, to love and respect the culture, the Romanian historical and linguistic heritage, to know your identity and the roots of the nation, to wish the reunification of the Romanian nation.

To be patriotic means to build, but not demolish, to contribute to everybody’s prosperity, but not steal the money of citizens, to afforest and cultivate the land, but not grub and abandon it.

To be patriotic means to respect and honor the human values, to live in peace and solidarity with all members of society.

The Right honors the freedom and the responsibility

The human being is born to be free in thinking and actions to ensure his/her happiness, freedom comes from God and no one can shake it by any physical or moral violent coercion,.

In the modern society to ensure the social peace and the welfare of all its members, the citizens are accountable for their professional and civic actions.

We advocate for a minimalist state and responsible by reducing the interference in the social and economic life of the citizens.

The Right wants a free economy

The private property is the foundation of the modern society and the main source of the citizens’ welfare of, that is why small and medium businesses, the family business, the individual business must be promoted and protected.

In addition, the society’s material value must be invested in education and health in a privileged manner to ensure a progressive and sustainable development.

The state authorities must remove their hands from the people’s pockets and serve the citizens day and night, with minimum expenditure and maximum efficiency.

The Right tackles the corruption and stealth

The citizens must be protected from free institutions of parties, with honest officials and professionals, able to ensure the continuity of progressive reforms.

The dignitaries-thieves who put their hands in the citizens’ pockets must return the looted possessions and be forever removed from public service.

Reforming of all that is rotten in society and the preservation of all that is good will improve the quality

The Right looks to the West

Romania is the motherland of the nation and it will always help, protect and sustain us.

The light of traditions and democratic values comes ​​from the West.

The US, the EU and NATO guarantee the rootedness of these values ​​in our society.

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